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Heal your body in 5 minutes a day

I often hear people say; "I don't have the time to stretch." My answer to this is simple "you don't have the time not to."

5 minutes a day can dramatically increase you health and well being. Plus if you add the spiritual component and invite God into it, not only are you helping yourself physically but emotionally and spiritually.

It's important when healing that you look at yourself as a whole and if you would just dedicate 5 minutes to love yourself, meet with God and intentionally be healthy, that 5 minutes has the power to ripple into every other aspect of your day and being.

Here's an easy 5 minute example:

1.) Grab your mat, bible, pen and journal

2.) Sit on you mat and find proper posture

3.) Begin to breathe evenly through your inhale and exhale

4.) Ask God for His revelation, wisdom and fellowship

5.) Find your forward fold and hold for 20 breaths

6.) Come to butterfly pose, fold into your stretch and breath another 20 breaths

7.) take a gentle twist each way and begin offing your praise to God

8.) Take this 5 minutes throughout the rest of your day



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