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"Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Freedom!"

Deane Vallejo

Stretch and Strengthening Expert, Founder of H.I.S. 

Healing In Stretching is more than its fun stretching and strengthening routines. It's about encountering God and inviting HIS presence. When we are with Him, there's fullness and there's freedom. He's worthy to be worshiped with everything that we are. This practice is a way that I can stay healthy, tone my body while also worshipping God for all that He is. 


Encouter HIS Presence Everywhere You Go!

Now you can practice anytime and from anywhere. H.I.S. sessions are just a click away. Join me in a health and wellness journey with scripture, prayer and worship and together lets step into the fullness of all God had for you.

Join the 21 Day Kickstart to Wholeness Experience

Mind, Body and Spirit 



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