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Healing In Stretching

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

There's something very amazing that has been discovered through stretching. Stretching can actually help heal your body.

People all over the world are discovering it's benefits but whats even greater is the ability to hear and be touched by God Himself through this amazing movement.

Here’s a tip:

Start somewhere!!! Give yourself 5-10 minutes a day and just go from there. A little goes a long way!!

Here’s a quick morning routine:

  1. Get your bible and journal

  2. Head to the mat

  3. Before doing anything just sit down, breathe and ask God for revelation

  4. Extend your legs long and do your forward fold for 20 breaths

  5. Come into butterfly for another 20 breaths

  6. Sit as tall as you can rolling shoulders slowly and then reverse direction (20 breaths each way)

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